Linux users: .deb or AppImage desktop?

I don’t see a way to create a poll.

I was interested in learning whether you prefer using AppImage or .deb Bitwarden desktop ?

Ideal would be a linux repository, but it appears Bitwarden is not giving this any attention.

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I’m quite happy with the AppImage. I use Fedora and the .rpm doesn’t auto-update.

with the AppImage installed on Debian 12, it does not appear in Applications (ie, the only way to open the app is to go to the file and “run” it. And there is no option to PIN the app to the Dash. Neither of these problems exist with the .deb.

Does Bitwarden have any plans to improve the AppImage? It’s pretty 2nd rate. Alternatively (the better solution) is for Bitwarden to create a linux repository.

I would stick with using the .deb, but Bitwarden disables it when it needs updating and I don’t have time to always be updating it as it is a manual process and not part of the standard updating that occurs with other linux apps.

I use AppImage since I’m on Fedora and we don’t have the dpkg package manager and therefor cannot install .deb files.

I currently use AppImage on openSUSE Tumbleweed, and everything seems to be working fine :slight_smile: