Linux Mobile Client

With more Linux mobile devices (and distributions) becoming available now [PinePhone with Ubuntu Touch or Postmarket OS, Librem 5 with PureOS etc] it would be great to have a Bitwarden Client that would run on those.


The desktop Flatpak build does somewhat work on a PinePhone using PureOS but the UI is obviously quite unusable on that form factor/screen size.

I’m about to receive a Librem 5, and would really appreciate a Linux mobile client. It should not be super hard to modify the existing desktop app’s UI to be able to handle mobile-sized form-factors. Check this guide out for info on how to make GTK apps work well for mobile.

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As far as I know no GTK client currently exists for Bitwarden?

Getting one that could use LibHandy would obviously be the ideal solution here but assuming that’s not a priority I wonder if Electron itself does/could support any mobile UI adaption.

So I’ve been running the flatpak version on a PinePhone running Mobian and it does actually run.

Keyboard input doesn’t work quite right and it’s not optimised for the screen format obviously but otherwise it seems functional.

I’ve been wondering this myself as to what would be easier for them to do:

  1. Develop a mobile version of and then save as a webapp
  2. Port their Xamarin based iOS & Android app to Linux

Doubt Xamarin has a compile for Linux button let alone “mobile” Linux but food for thought. Love my Librem 5 and hoping for Bitwarden to support it soon.

I gather Xamarin does have (community) support for GTK so hopefully the latter is possible but I guess it’s probably more a case of writing a new front end for a shared core than “click to compile”.

Also Kai OS which is a froked version of Firefox OS is becoming really popular in a lot of countries. Google is currently investing in the compamy. The OS is mainly for feautre phones like Jio phone etc. Currently apps like twitter, whatsapp, etc are supported. I am not sure about password managers. Pretty much all tha apps are web apps. So making a web app of the web vault would be really great.

I also use a 4.4 Android tablet. For me the Bitwarden app crashes a lot. I would love to see a mobile version of the web vault because everything just looks so small in the desktop version

Just found these:

Am not a developer but maybe this could point them in a helpful direction?

Just got my PinePhone and have to say I am quite disappointed by how unusable Bitwarden is on a small screen Linux device.

I have found this to apply to the Linux app, the, and the Firefox plugin. With all of these, the UI is not visible enough for me to login…

Have we got any response from Bitwarden what is needed to make Bitwarden (any type) work reasonably on a linux device with a small (mobile sized) screen?

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I hope the web vault will be optimized for mobile devices. It is difficult to use the web vault on a small device like a mobile phone or tablet.

Would love to see bitwarden working on my PinePhone. One of the last things I need functional to use it as a daily driver

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Maybe an easy solution could be to host the code of the browser extension on a public website (similar to

I’m using the Firefox extension in the Firefox sidebar on the Librem5 phone, and it works pretty well.

Does the pop-out functionality work like it does on desktop firefox? I could see popping out the extension being a viable option depending on how the window sizing works…

The pop-out of the Bitwarden extension doesn’t work well. I’m using the sidebar instead.

Bump. I would love ARM support. Please and thank you. <3

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As a kickstarter backer and an enterprise user, I am weighing in in support of this issue. My PinePhone is basically unusable without a functioning password manager, and I sincerely hope to have BW in a usable state by the time I get the PinePhone Pro next year. I see “UI updates” on the roadmap for Q3/4 2021, hopefully this will be addressed as part of that update.

Just wanted to +1.

I’d imagine that making mobile friendly would be the most bang for the buck, As it would help people who need to access BW from a friends phone or a tempory session also.