Linked Passwords?

I am very new to Bitwarden and am wondering how to do this:

Say I have an Amazon account. This also includes other services such as Prime Video and Twitch Gaming, etc…

I can create a Password entry for Amazon Shopping.
I then create another one for Amazon Prime Video and then a third for Amazon Twitch Gaming.

Say I then want to change the Amazon password.

How can I tell Bitwarden that these three accounts passwords are linked, and to change the other two passwords automatically when I change the say the Amazon shopping password?

I have been using KeePass v1.38 , and this could be done using field references, so that I only have to change the Amazon Shopping password and the Prime Video and Twitch gaming will always just use this new password.

I would do this

  1. Create a new login item.
  2. Add all the URLs of twitch, Amazon prime, etc within that single login item.

As above, where you have a single login that works on multiple URLs, save all the URL variations under one entry.

If they were separate logins and you just happened to set the same password for each of them, then you should have three entries each with unique passwords.

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Another Method

Create custom equivalent domains in (Web Vault)
If you have the same login across multiple different website domains, you can mark the website as “equivalent”. “Global” domains are ones already created for you by Bitwarden.

  1. Go to settings—>Domain Rules—>Create custom domains

  2. Add,, and click Save


Thanks guys.

I appreciate the help you guys are providing to me as a new Bitwarden user.

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