Link to open the webpage with autofill from the Bitwarden browser extension

TrueKey has a nice feature - for each login entry - the corresponding webpage can be directly opened with a click; and then fills the login and password automatically.

This is very convenient as I can open the webpage from the Bitwarden browser extension - say for my monthly bill payment to an utility and get logged in without having open the webpage first before getting Bitwarden to autofill.

I am in the process of migrating from TrueKey to Bitwarden and this is one feature that I am missing. I am attaching a screenshot of the TrueKey browser tab that I keep open while working – and when I click on an icon, it takes me to the required webpage and logs me in automatically.

(Screenshot redacted by mod)

@G.S_Bhuvaneshwar Welcome to the forum!

Perhaps I have misunderstood your question, but have you tried using the “Launch” button in Bitwarden? It does exactly what you’re asking for.


Dear grb:
Thanks very much. I seem to have missed this icon button for launch of the web page.-- very sorry for that – getting old and age is softening my brain I think !!!

As I keep using Bitwarden regularly, I suppose I will get used to its ways and quirks !!
Thanks very much for your kind support and warm regardds

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