Lineup Github releases to what is in production

Is there any chance we could get Github releases updated to match what is actually in production? For instance, I just received an update for the Firefox plugin which puts me at v 1.33.1 however the newest release on Github is 1.32.1. I personally like to refer to Github to see what has changed.

Same for iOS versions

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Two things to note:

  1. It looks like the Release Notes for the browser extension have been updated, however they seem to be missing the related commits, so the actual changes to code can not easily be determined. Unless I am missing something.

  2. As pointed out by Crocmagon, the Release notes for mobile haven’t been updated since v1.19.0. To add to that, the iOS App Store Version history has the same changes listed for the last four versions. Perhaps to cutback on redundancy, add a link to the GitHub releases, so people know to go there to look for updates. However, GitHub needs to be updated for that suggestion to be relevant.

I don’t think you’re allowed to put links in iOS’s App Store revision text (is it the good terminology?), though if it’s possible that may be a good idea.
Also, Apple recently strengthened its policies on revision text, disallowing you to use the same text over and over like many publishers currently do with “We’re happy you’re using our app, update to the latest version to discover all the new features”. One exception being for releases containing only bug fixes.

@kspearrin Is there anything blocking this?

It’s frustrating to see that Release notes for mobile still haven’t been updated since September.