Limit password visibility

Good afternoon! How can I make it so that the invited user can not see them when entering passwords in Google chrome? Now he clicks on the " eye " sign and can look. The new user is added to the company with the most limited rights and does not see the password through betwarden itself.

Welcome, @11123!

When assigning the user/group to a collection, you can select “hide passwords” that will keep them from being able to reveal the password or copy/paste it.

Thanks for the reply. The question is a little different. This is not about the password in bitwarden (in it I know how to hide the password). After you copy the hidden password in bitwarden and put it in Google chrome, you can view it in Google Chrome through the "eye"sign.

Ah, I understand. Once the password is outside of Bitwarden, there is not really anything we can do to completely prevent revealing the data, but that’s why new FIDO2 technologies are becoming interesting, as they do venture into a more passwordless authentication flow.

Thank you so much for your prompt response. As I understand it, there are different services for storing passwords. Recently I came across “passwork”. Do you know such a service? Can you tell me anything about him? or advise an alternative or bitwarden is the best of the budget services for storing passwords? And the question about the new technology that you mentioned - is it in bitwarden?

I’m not familiar with Passwork, but I do believe Bitwarden is the best password manager platform for a variety of reasons :slight_smile:

The technology I spoke of is in Bitwarden to some degree, but it will require large changes in how systems authenticate to become more universal. Here’s an article with more: FIDO2: Moving the World Beyond Passwords using WebAuthn & CTAP