Levels of accessibility for any item with totally improving security

Levels of accessibility for any item with totally improving security

Hi Bitwarden and everyone

Some weeks ago, I sent an email for Bitwarden support team and request to provide defining levels of accessibility for any item of vault with a checkbox for using in Android or IOS. My reasoning is that some items may be unrequired to carry in mobile, tablet, or any device. For example, there are some items in my vault that I will never use in mobile or tablet. Also, less accessibility for unrequired items following more security for these items.

Now, I combine my suggestion with an item to improve much security. I suggest Bitwarden to let defining level of accessibility by setting an access key. It means that when you are going to log in, you fill Email, Master password, Two-step Login digits, and a defined access key. Access key can be defined and like a password.

With this option, you can define some level and their key in Bitwarden setting page (level1, level2, …). Then, when you add an item to vault, you will select for which level this item must be shown to use with checkboxes. Admin will be default and permanent level with all accessibility and master password as its default key at the beginning. One or two level for other devices, and a level for travel. It can have 3 or 4 level for any account.

Along with much more comprehensive than 1password Travel Mode or other similar mechanism, it brings another level of security.