Let's Encrypt cert renewal

Recently, I was told by support that one could not “add” Let’s Encrypt auto renewal to an existing self-hosted deployment in which the answer to the LE question during installation was “n”.

So, I reinstalled from scratch, selected Let’s Encrypt during installation and received a cert. After restoring ./bwdata and some other cleanup, I was on my way.

Then, I tried ./bitwarden.sh renewcert. As you can see in the screenshots below, that ran great but produced no (apparent) output.

Finally, based on this doc, I restarted the host. That also produces no apparent output.

Here’s my question: shouldn’t certbot log somewhere the fact that the cert isn’t due for renewal? It does in every other environment I use LE certs in. I’m wondering if, in fact, my new host is properly configured to renew the cert when needed.

Appreciate any insights folks may have.

Console output from ./bitwarden.sh renewcert

No certbot output is logged to host’s filesystem after ./bitwarden.sh renewcert