Let admins disable the "don't ask to verify fingerprint phrases again" option

Currently, an admin can only see a user fringerprint when confirming them. If “don’t ask to verify fingerprint phrases again” is set for this admin, there seems to be no way to ever view a user’s fingerprint again. There also seems to be no way to unset this “don’t ask…” option.

It would be good to either be able to see fingerprint phrases at any time or to be able to switch off the “don’t ask…” option from the UI.

I just check the “don’t ask” option, thinking it meant not to ask for that particular user again… So having a way to view the fingerprint phrase later would be helpful.

Also, a third suggestion would be to add a way to undo the “don’t ask” option if you selected it in error.

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Same here. Seems like an important security bug.