Less asking for Face ID - PIN

Feature name

  • Less asking for authentication when doing Autofill in iOS

Feature function

  • Currently, Bitwarden is asking for authentication every time I try to autofill a field in my iPhone. For example, I want to use Autofill in the Amazon app. First, it asks for Face ID for username, then it asks again for the password, and then I have to manually paste OTP code to the third field.
  • Create a feature or an option at least to make Bitwarden not ask for authentication every time I want to Autofill a field for a specific time period, let’s say until phone restart, or for a day.

It sounds like your vault is set to lock immediately. You can change the time on your app. Check out the timeout options here:



My Vault timeout is set to Never but still, it is asking every time.

@tgreer Shall I create a support ticket for this issue?

I have this issue too. Was It ever resolved?

Nope, it is still going on. Also, like this wasn’t bad enough, now there is no PIN option, even though PIN and Face ID are selected. If I fail to authenticate via Face ID, I am forced to enter my master password. Imagine doing that while wearing a mask.

It’s annoying on new ipad with Touch ID because you have to go touch.