Lastpass Import missing items

Hey all, I’m new to Bitwarden, giving it a try with the plan to get off lastpass after their recent breach.

The first thing I’m trying to validate is that I can import all my items, as I have too many to move over manually. I was able to generate the CSV file successfully, but rather than import the file as is with every item before I’ve committed, I edited the file (including the file name) to only a handful of frequently used items for testing, 12 total.

10 items imported, and I’m not sure why the other 2 didn’t. Could it be because the file is modified, or should Bitwarden be able to handle that? The format of the 2 appear to be the same as the others. I did notice some extra lines in the file for some items - an item on one line, followed by a blank line, followed by additional details for that item on the next line (item notes, for example); some items have multiple blank lines - but these occurrences don’t appear to be before or after the 2 missing items.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


This may happen with notes, if there are linebreaks within the note itself.

I’m not sure why your import didn’t work, but since you are in the testing/validation phase, I would suggest purging your vault and then trying to import a CSV that contains only the two items that were omitted from the previous import. If this import also fails (i.e., if nothing is imported), then we’ll be able to do some more debugging/trouble shooting. I would suggest as a next step to redact those two items to obfuscate any sensitive information, then verifying that the import still doesn’t work using the redacted file — if so, please post the contents of the redacted file here.

Maybe you affected something in the file format when you saved your changes. I know it can be hard to identify where a notes item ends. Notes begin on a line starting with “http://sn” but will end some lines later and you may have chopped it off a line or 2 early.

I suggest importing the whole file just as it is exported from LP without making any edits.
I did that OK with about 700 items and it only takes 1 second.
Then you can clean up after your test with the “purge vault” command in BW that will removes all the items,

Thanks for the responses! I purged my vault and imported again, and the missing item I was testing is there and working. I did a quick review of my vault and looks like everything imported, so just a matter of time now to see if I catch anything missing, but so far looks good, thank you.

If I recall correctly, the format of the CSV file still contained the extra spaces I mentioned, so I’m guessing the root cause was the file modification.

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Glad you got it to work. Feel free to post again if you encounter any further issues.

Thank you again! I posted a new topic with a few questions :slight_smile: