LastPass can see my Bitwarden master password?

I setup a Bitwarden account to experiment to see how I liked the service. Since it was just an experiment I set the master password on Bitwarden the same as my LastPass master password.

I started getting a warning from LastPass that the Bitwarden master password was the same as LastPass and that I shouldn’t do that. How can LastPass tell?

  1. I don’t store either the LastPass master pass or the Bitwarden master pass in either service.
  2. I use a different email address for each service to login (and again that email is stored in neither service).

Not too familiar with LastPass myself, but being that this is a notification from LastPass it may be a better question for their community forums.

My questions would be where you are getting the notification from? Is it email, in the LastPass account, or as a pop-up notification.

Perhaps you may have the LastPass extension on your browser, and when entering your master password in Bitwarden as the same master password from LastPass the browser extension is picking this up.

Edit: Did some digging, sure enough it seems that the extension would be picking up your master password being used to login to Bitwarden and then is able to compare that to your master password in LastPass and recognizes they are the same passwords.


Thank you for taking the time to dig around and help on this.

Thank you! No idea why I didn’t check LastPass too. And this matches my experience. I got the notification in the browser extension pop-up.

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