Last character should not be displayed in plain text

When entering the master password and also entering passwords on the pane of an entry, only the characters from the beginning to the second to last character are shown as round dots.
But the last character is always shown in plain text.
Displaying the last character is a big security issue.
Especially on mobile devices.
Imagine if a person is standing behind you in a train or a similar public place. The person will be able to write down every single character typed, and thus have the entire password.

Ironically: On the desktop version, at home, where no one is sitting behind me who could see my monitor, every character is shown as a dot.

Please implement it always not to be shown or offer this feature as an option in the settings of Bitwarden for the next update.

That’s the quirk of mobile operating systems. I don’t think there’s an easy fix for this.