Keyboard shortcuts in Edge are not working

I’m using Edge on Windows 10 and struggle to get the keyboard shortcuts working.
I have a german keyboard, but I’m not sure if that’s causing the problem.

In any case, neither CTRL + \ nor SHIFT + CTRL + Y perform any action with BW.
The vault in the Edge extension is unlocked.
I already tried (maybe) all meaningful combinations without any success.

My installed BW version 1.31.2
Is there anybody out there able to help me with that?


The only hotkey supported in Edge is CTRL + \ for autofilling a form.

yes, I read this in the FAQs, but this one does nothing in my Edge.
Is this probably only valid for keyboards with US layout?
Because with my German keyboard I can get a “” only with pressing + .
Pressing this combination together with is without any result; except for typing a “” in text fields.