Keyboard shortcuts for fill in default CARD / IDENTITY

Feature name

  • Default Identity/Card fill shortcuts

Feature function

  • After configuring a default identity entry and/or card entry, a shortcut would fill the recognized fields on the current website.
  • Right now the only way to fill in a card or identity is to open the extension and click on the identity / card. Usually people have a regular/default identity/card that they often use. It would help a lot to be able to just hit a shortcut like ctrl-shift-; and ctrl-shift-’ and quickly fill in those fields.

Related topics + references

  • Shamelessly, this is a feature that is available in LastPass that I miss having.

Definitely miss that feature from LP also. Not to hijack this post but it’s kind of related. Want to add if possible, hitting the keyboard shortcut multiple times or maybe assign a different shortcut to cycle through multiple addresses.

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