Keyboard shortcut for launching site

Hi there,

I use Firefox and ext. I frequently use the ctrl-shift-u to search for a site, and then tab then arrow to the entry. Currently when you hit enter, it opens the item. Is there a way to change this behaviour? To say launch the site? This allows a quick set of keyboard commands that both launch the site and fill out the entry. (ie - ctrl-shift-u combined with ctrl-shift-l).

Thank you.

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I would like to have a Launch shortcut for the desktop app. Because it can be used to launch any url including sftp:// etc. it’s really useful.

I have used KeePass in the past and I have gotten used to following work flow:

  1. Global keyboard shortcut to show KeePass window
  2. Directly type to search for the entry
  3. Press enter (KeePass jumps to the first item)
  4. Ctrl+U launch

This means I can use the KeePass as an app launcher of sorts for the sites and SFTP and other urls.

I don’t need to touch my mouse in the process, I would like to have similar process with BitWarden.