Keeps asking me for password instead of biometrics

I have bitwarden installed in my Mac as well as my phone. I have set on both to unlock with biometrics. When I am asked to input a password on my phone bitwarden pops up and asks me for my master password (Which is complex and sometimes I mistype it). It also does the same thing on my browser on my Mac as well as on application.
This used to work all the time, It used to unlock with my face on my phone and with my fingerprint on my Mac, but something happened and it stopped working. I have checked the setting and unlock with biometrics are all set on all devices.
Please help.

Hi Joli - in your settings, is the Vault Timeout set to Lock (and not Logout)? Note this setting is specific to each device/client.


On my Mac, Phone and Browser are all set to Lock.


If that’s the case, then I am not sure what is happening - it is also most strange that it affects all of your devices. I would suggest you reach out to Bitwarden customer support for help: