KeepassXC - info missing from CSV - import HTML into Bitwarden?

Is there any way to import KeepassXC HTML files so I get more of the source info imported?

I’ve just migrated from KeepassXC to Bitwarden using:

KeepassXC / Export to CSV → Bitwarden KeepassXC CSV import

So far so good. All usernames, passwords and URLs seem imported fine.

But e.g. “Additional Attributes” are missing from the KeepassXC CSV export. Most likely because the CSV format does not lend itself to exporting a varying number of attribute fields. The HTML KeepassXC export does contain these additional attriubutes, however.

NOTE: KeepassXC doesn’t export everything in the HTML export - see keepassxc #8494: Export (both CSV and HTML) is incomplete - e.g. History is missing, but the HTML file contains more information than the CSV file, e.g. the “Additional Attributes”.

Otherwise I guess I could write a converter that converts the KeepassXC HTML to Bitwarden canonical .json format, and import that.

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I turns out that KeepassXC has an XML export option that is only available from the command line. Importing that as a Keepass 2 file succeded in importing addional attributes too. It didn’t import history or attachments, so it still isn’t perfect. But better than the CSV import.

My scratch has been itched.