JPEG preview


I already use BitWarden from 3 month ago.

I put my passport and driving license details in my vault and attached a JPEG of these. But, i can t see a preview of my documents directly in the app or web account, i have just download option .
How can I preview it as JPEG doc. attached

Are you saying that you are unable to see a preview even when you are using the Web Vault?

Hi @Florin_MANEA and welcome to the Community!

I believe that you cannot preview or view a JPEG attachment without downloading the file first and then opening it. There has been a long standing feature request for viewing attachments:

You can upvote the feature request if you like.

Yes, correct
So, for the identity record, I have attached PNG and JPG, nothing for preview , just download option

for example , I have to show my Pssport or my driving license, don t need to download on local mobile phone, just open BitWarden app. and identity record and show from preview.

Working with 1password , don t think that is a big deal to implement it