Items appear both in folders and in "no folder"

Is it a bug or what needs to be done to solve it?

Thanks @Karjala, the team is aware and working on a fix :+1:

Hi, the posts are old, but I have the same problem. In the browser the “No Folder” ist empty. On my macbooks all items (which all are sorted in folders) appear also in the “No folder”. With IOS and Android they do not appear there. Can I do anything?
Ist does not really disturb working with bitwarden, but it is irritating. And of course I do not have a chance to controll whether there are really items without folders.
Thanks for help

Hey @ouwensi, so you are seeing this in browser extension and desktop app? Let me know what version number you are running and what browser and system OS.

In the browser extension (firefox 102) the folder is empty. In the app version (2022.5.1) it isn’t.
IOS Monterey 12.4. Same on another macbook with version Big Sur 11.5.2.

The 2022.6.0 Firefox extension is rolling out, let me know if the issue persists when you’re on the updated version.

There is no newer (German) version for the extension. But - to make it clear - in the extension there is not the problem. The “No folder” is empty and should be empty. The same in the browser access of Bitwarden and on Android.

Only in the desktop app on MacOS in the “no folder” there are all items. But there should be no one.

Thanks for confirmation, the updated desktop app is also in the process of rolling out and will be available soon.

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Looking forward to it…

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