Issues with autofill on websites with different subdomain

Hello everyone! New to the forums but have been using bitwarden happily for about a year.

EDIT: I am a dope and right after creating this post I found the setting icon next to the web address that provided the answer I needed. Set the rule to “Exact”

The only issue I have come across which isn’t a very big deal but can be annoying at times is that auto-fill will fill out the user and pass with the incorrect login information if the main site is the same. I have had this issue in linux, windows and android so it doesn’t seem to be specific to OS I’ll explain a little more:

I have an Unraid server at home running multiple applications that when accessed via Local-IP:PORT# bitwarden doesn’t seem to take into account the port# or subdomain for example

Both (server access) and (Some Application) or and will get the top entry in bitwardens user and pass autofilled despite having separate entries in bitwarden listed with the different web addresses and named according to the application they are for. I would then have to open bitwarden and select the correct entry in the drop down. (which would be done if auto-fill wasn’t being used)

Is there a way to force bitwarden to use the strict address rules? Like only auto-fill if the address matches EXACTLY. I haven’t had any problems with auto-fill for anything not using a domain e.g Netflix I have attached a screenshot to help illustrate my long winded post

You may also try to use the Host option, as this will take the same hostname, or IP address but with different ports for additional services. While still allowing Bitwarden to associate a single entry to that service on additional pages with a sub-path, whereas Exact is well just that exactly the URL you entered.

This is how I have URIs matched to several personal homelab, and internal network applications, so just another option.
Feel free to use whatever suits your use case best.

Thanks! Ill give the host option a try!