Issues with Authy on multiple devices

I am new to Bitwarden and could not find answers to these questions in the forum. I have Authy as 2FA on my mobile phone but also installed it on the desktop as a backup in the event I were to lose my phone.

  1. I recognize also having Authy on the desktop, where I use Bitwarden, is really not a second device; however, if I keep Authy closed (click exit) and only open it in an emergency (phone is lost) is this reasonable protection against keyloggers or other Malware?
  2. I’m confused by the fact that after adding the desktop as a second device my mobile phone Authy app shows TWO BW accounts. The mobile phone account as a red cloud, which I assume means it is not backed up, whereas the desktop acounts should as a green cloud. Isn’t the BW account on the phone and desktop the same account? I don’t understand how one could be backed up and the other couldn’t.