Issues around account recovery data

I am referring to account recovery for the websites that Bitwarden saves usernames and passwords for.
Many websites have lost password email addresses, security questions, or recovery codes to be used for account recovery. Has there been any discussion about Bitwarden saving this information at account creation?

Hello Kent - welcome!

Bitwarden’s approach to security means that only you know your password and it is never stored on Bitwarden’s servers for security reasons. This means that there is no way for Bitwarden to recover it for you once forgotten, and Bitwarden is very clear about this when you create your account.

There is an option to create a password hint, however. Many people use this to remind them, in a somewhat obscure manner, where they stored a copy of their password in case they ever need to retrieve it. Writing it down and physically securing it is just one option, for example.

You may find this information from the Bitwarden help pages useful:

I made it as clear as possible that I was NOT talking about the Bitwarden password. Your automatic response just serves to shut down conversation on the topic I want to discuss.

So we all understand that Bitwarden saves logon information for web sites – that is its purpose. We need to also save data related to account recovery.

Has there been any discussion of saving web site account recovery information in Bitwarden?

Cool off, man. I was just trying to help. My apologies - I just didn’t understand what you were trying to say. :astonished:

I think Bitwarden’s approach is probably to keep as general UI implementation as possible to best cover majority of users and their use cases.

Such as for additional account information, I will typically store this in the notes field for said account, which can be anything for the notes you’d like to put in.
Depending on the data, I may also use custom fields. Though they are designed more so for auto loading form fields such as a bank PIN or otherwise, they can be used for security questions and the like if done right.
For data I don’t need filled but just want to remain hidden I will place this in a “hidden” custom field and simply type in the information as needed.

There might be some improvements that can be made in these sections such as easy copy/paste button for the custom fields, etc. But again it all depends on the use case.
Many features have come about from the community that have received enough votes and the attention of the dev team to be implemented, and Bitwarden has seemed to be pretty open to user suggestions about what will make for a good feature set.