Issue with TOTP Browser extension vs Mobile client

Hey fellow Bitwarden users! :wave:

I’ve recently encountered an issue with my Bitwarden setup. When using the mobile app, the TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Password) works perfectly fine. However, when I try to use the browser extension, the TOTP generated is different from what I see on my mobile app and not working the TOTP generated by the browser extension but I have same key both phone and the browser extension

Has anyone else experienced this? Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated! :pray:

Thanks in advance! :hugs:

@sayem Hi! This sounds to that you should “update” / synchronize the time on the machine/device you are using the browser extension on. TOTP depends on having the same time on the “account”-side (where you want to log in) and the “authenticator”-side (the app and, in the end, OS, where you want to generate the 6-digit codes on).