Is yubi key work in Samsung S9+

I am using Samsung S9+, can I use yubi key 5 nfc for u2f in Bitwarden app in S9+, and moreover, can I use it for web vault in google chorme Android?

I use a Yubi key on my S9 so yes they work. However; the newest NFC security key does not work on Android (any phone running Android). You have to possess the actual Yubi and not their Security Key NFC supporting FIDO2 - at least for now.

Strangely the mgmt here has been mostly silent on when or IF they are ever going to support the new security keys. Those same keys work fine on my laptops with BitWarden. The problem seems to be with most software vendors not just BW. Its frustrating as hell because I bought a few of the new keys. For now they are dust collectors for mobile, however perfect for home machine use.

You mean this key which not work on Android

Moreover, do you add Bitwarden app to secure folder, is it work or have to move outside secure folder, beacause I hear NFC is not work on Secure Folder

The key you pictured should work fine. I have the series 4 Yubi’s and they work fine with NFC and on any desktop with a USB A slot.

I was referring to the new Yubi green U2F only with NFC (called their security key). Works great on desktops (any OS) but fails miserably on Android.

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Do you use it in secure folder?