Is there any way of uploading folders or several files at once as attachments? (premium sub)

Hi everyone! I recently signed up for the premium subscription in order to be able to add file attachments. However, I notice now that I only seem to be able to upload individual files. Is there any way to upload folders or several files at the same time?

Welcome, @pass2fa!

The easiest way would be to upload a compressed folder with the items. Otherwise you’ll need to attach each one individually :+1:

zip files work great for the purpose!

Thank you very much both of you for the responses! I was thinking of the zip folders option but figured they also count as folders. But yes it seems to be working. It is just unfortunate that there is a cap on 500 mb. It is because I have an encrypted Itunes backup that I want to add to Bitwarden when I am moving over to another computer. So I dont think I would be able to divide that folder ):