Is there any ongoing development in BitWarden?

is there any active development of BitWarden at all?

I ask because despite many requests across multiple threads, the developer/s remain quiet.

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As far as i know it is more or less a one man show. It seems to lack man power.

If this is true, then I am both impressed and discouraged. Impressed because the whole infrastructure seems rather professional for a single person to setup and maintain. Discouraged because relying on and paying premium for a service that is maintained by a single person does not seem like something I could recommend to my boss :frowning:

Update: Well, just today there was a question about this answered in the bitwarden subreddit. Seems to be more than just one person.

You can find the details here as all development is done out in the open. Looking now, there’s not been a huge amount of activity, but I suppose it depends whether you feel that there’s any functionality missing!

What is needed, and what many users are requesting, is a simple statement on what is being considered/not considered/worked on for future versions of BitWarden.