Is there a specific way to onboard a user to our Enterprise who has an active standalone bitwarden account?

We were testing out password managers and we had a couple users startup their own personal bitwarden accounts. Now that we have chosen bitwarden enterprise, is there a way to absorb these users into our enterprise account? or do we just export their password data, delete their account, and then import their passwords to their newly created enterprise account? that sounds easy enough to do but im just wondering if theres a way to merge the old and new accounts.

Hi @ACE973 and welcome to the community,

During the Organization invite process the users will receive a system email to join your organization. They can choose to accept this invite with an existing Bitwarden account or by creating a new account at that time to join the Org.
So no need to delete and recreate, they can simply join in with their existing account.


awesome. thank you i will give this a shot tomorrow. i appreciate the quick help!