Is or isn't there an update available?

A few days ago, Bitwarden Desktop 2023.10 has been presented. I found out - just as the previous updates - by a software forum I visit regularly.

Having 2023.9.3, I once more (just as before) choose checking for updates from the menu in the desktop app, getting the message my version is up to date. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Nothing new :roll_eyes:
Obvious question: is an update available or not and is the software forum wrong?

Well, yes there is! I just downloaded manually from Bitwarden download page. :nerd_face:
So why my desktop app doesn’t perform the update automatically neither when asked (check for updates)? :thinking:
And why does the app not show a message by itself there is an update? :thinking:

Hi @sjokoboy It can take a few days for the client applications to make their way through the various app stores. They become avaialle for direct installation earlier via GitHub.