Is my password kept in the iPhone?

I access Bitwarden using my fingerprint on the iPhone. Does that mean that the iPhone now has access to my Bitwarden password?

Hi Mandy!

I know I already answered your latest question, but I thought I might as well answer this one too.

The encryption key that is used to encrypt and decrypt your vault will be stored securely on the iPhone. Bitwarden has a page in the Help section of their website which basically says what using biometrics does.

Using a PIN or biometrics requires the encryption key to be stored locally on your device. Because that is what encrypts and decrypts your vault. If it isn’t stored locally, you wouldn’t be able to use a PIN or biometrics. All the PIN and/or biometrics do is protect the encryption key that is stored on your device. This allows you to unlock Bitwarden without entering your master password each time you open the app.

Let me know if that helps!