Is it safe to keep BitWarden unlocked in Android?

Hello there! I’m new in this great community! I have a question in my mind.

How Safe is it to keep the Android Application of Bitwarden unlocked or opened? Because the unlocking of the vault is really slow in my device. It takes 15~20 sec after entering my pin to successfully unlock the vault which contains ~246 logins and only 3 notes. So Any kind of insight on this matter would be highly appreciated! :heart: :heart:

Btw, My device is rooted and It’s running on Android 10.

Regards! :smiley:

Hello @LoneW01F,

I would say, as safe as your device is. If you trust your device then it should be ok.
Keep also in mind that sometimes you might give your phone to somebody (maybe rare but it can happen), then you need to think to lock your bitwarden before giving your phone to somebody else (rarely somebody things about that).

Maybe a compromise would be to set the Trezor-timeout to 4 Hours.


  1. Do you trust your phone apps (on Rooted your other installed apps too)
  2. Will you give the phone ever to somebody else (for a short time)
  3. Will you forget your master Password because of that (there is no password reset here)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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  1. I can’t say I trust every apps in my device.
  2. And rarely someone wants my phone. I trust none of them will ever access BitWarden or apps like that.
  3. There’s a very little chance I would forget my master password. Even if I do I have kept it safe in somewhere else.

One more question does the BitWarden keep the vault data in plain text in my device when it is unlocked?

I think @kspearrin could answer that.

If you got all your apps from google play store (or Samsung play store), it should be fine.

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@kspearrin! I hope you got the mention notification and I hope you aren’t too busy! (I’m sorry for mentioning again.)