Is it really such a great idea to store credit card info in BW?

BW is great as a pswd manager but storing credit card info is another animal. Does it really make sense to have that info in the cloud? Convenient for popping into websites that ask for it yes, but wouldn’t it be more secure to just store it locally in a pswd protected file?

If you trust that Bitwarden securely stores all your passwords - which probably includes credentials to log into your bank, credit card, email, etc. - then it’s reasonable to assume you should also trust that your card details are equally safe. That said, it all comes down to your personal risk appetite. If you feel safer not storing your card details in BW, then don’t.


the better question is how secure do you keep your bitwarden? do you use 2 factor totp and a physical hardware key. if you do not trust it i wouldn’t even put in my passwords. also yes any server sort of speak offline use or local would always be more secure if done correctly.

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