Is it possible to import a file to only change values of fields 'name'

Hi, can I import a file to only change values of fields ‘name’ ?
The import file could look like this: with ‘id’ being the concrete id of the Login entry

 "items": [
      "id": "63db300f-7956-4c18-ba20-ae8601815498",
      "name": ""
}, (...)

I do not want to modify the rest as it makes no sense for the changes I want to make.

Hi, can somebody tell me if it is possible to import data in bitwarden to just modify the name field ? or a custom field ? without touching the rest

Hi @Christop,

I think you are trying to update an existing entry via the import. Is that correct? This is currently not supported.
Please also have a look at our Import & Export FAQs here.

I’m assuming you are attempting to re-name a lot of items, for a single change I’d stick with renaming it in the client UI.

To change an existing entry via an import you’d need to do the following:

  1. You will need to create a backup!!

  2. Modify your import file with your desired changes(create a new copy of your backup file in case you are planning on using that)

  3. Purge your individual vault

  4. Import.

Please be careful and keep an up-to-date backup around in case anything goes wrong.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards,

I have too many changes to do to make them manually, that’s why I am looking for a automated way to do it.
Resetting and importing all it not feasible as well because the .JSON backup in Bitwarden is not saving all data: a/ no password history inside b/ no last modified date/time

“Every import operation creates every new record as an item in your Vault, regardless of whether matching Vault items already exist in your Vault.” (source Import & Export FAQs | Bitwarden Help & Support)

What is the point of having an ID ( "id": "63db300f-7956-4c18-ba20-ae8601815498" ) if you do that ? What happens to this ID?

Among all the import formats you provide, none of them is allowing to update an existing Login entry?

I got no answer, so I guess it is not possible via import.

Is it possible to do this via a Bitwarden API?