Is it possible to delete multiple folders and collections at once?

After an import I realized I need to clean up quite a few items. Is it possible to delete multiple folders and collections in bulk?

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I also want to know. Any news about his?

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I also had to delete all of my folders because I wanted to import new data. I didn’t found a way to delete multiple folders at once neither in the Windows 10 desktop app nor in the web vault. :confused:

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Ran into this issue today as well. With Lastpass change I suspect many people will have this issue importing data.

I have solved the issue however using the official bw-cli tool and a little python.
I put the gist up here for anyone that needs it if you came here trying to figure out how to delete multiple folders.

You may also find the following useful for deduplication:
Bitwarden Duplicate Entries Remover : Bitwarden (

Thanks for the script @voice1, was helpful in cleaning up a bulk duplicate import from LastPass.

Please vote for this feature to be added to Bitwarden!: Recursively delete folders

I had to script up a solution in Python using the bw cli to get this to work (my usecase was deleting a lot of items that were duplicated). What’s even more unfortunate is that I couldn’t run many deletes in parallel since the bw cli puts a lock on $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/Bitwarden CLI/data.json when it updates the vault.