Is it possible to bypass age checker with Bitwarden?


I was wondering if it is possible to bypass (autofill) age checker on some sites (like vaping and sigarettes) with Bitwarden, so that it autofills the required fields for me?


@slishnevsky Welcome to the forum!

You can auto-fill any online form, using custom fields.

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Not sure I understand.
For example, here is the website
What custom fields should I create in Bitwarden to suto-fill these?
I have created these, but autofill is still not working.

Instead of Ontario, put 74 as the value for state.

The birthdate fields are not displayed until after the province has been entered, so you have to auto-fill twice:

  • Hit Ctrl+Shift+L once to auto-fill the province and display the date fields.

  • Hit Ctrl+Shift+L again to auto-fill the birth date.

  • Hit Enter to submit the form.

Yes, thank you. I got it, it simply sets a value to an element by its id. I am ashamed for even asking this question, lol.

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