Is it difficult to use BW with Chrome on iOS?

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I use Windows on desktop and laptop for work, and iPad Pro for recreation. I use Chrome on all of them.

I’ve just subscribed to BW, and almost immediately I saw that it doesn’t integrate with Chrome on iOS. I’ve been reading some posts on here and other places on the web to try to work out whether I should subscribe to something different instead. I don’t want to swap to Safari. I watched an instructional vid on YT created by BW which purported to deal with this point, but although it mentioned Chrome it didn’t seem to work with Chrome.

I’m a bit old and not very technical. I do my best, but this is really making my head spin.

Should it be easy to use on the iPad with Chrome, or would I be better getting something else?

Thanks for any help.

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Unfortunately I have no experience with iOS, but what is your evidence that Bitwarden “doesn’t integrate with Chrome on iOS”?

Try opening your iOS Chrome browser and using it to navigate to

Is there no Add to Chrome button near the top right corner of the page?

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Hi grb and many thanks for helping.

Re: integration I think I saw the post here first (the one at the bottom), and then began to read around. Bitwarden for Chrome browser on IOS.

Thank you for that link. I followed it and there wasn’t an ‘add to Chrome’ button, but it’s possible that I may be looking in the wrong place. Certainly there isn’t one in the top right corner, as you suggested, but perhaps it might be under the three dots? I’ll look further.

Edited to add: I’ve checked now and that ‘Add to Chrome’ button does appear if I navigate to your link via Chrome on my Windows desktop (I was able to add it to my Windows Chrome easily y/day), but not when I got there via Chrome on iOS.


I may be wrong, but iOS is a mobile OS - and at least on an iPhone you would rather use the Bitwarden mobile app, than Bitwarden’s browser extension for Chrome. Is that different for an iPad? If not, I would try to install the Bitwarden mobile app on your iPad. (“Getting started” for the mobile apps: Password Manager Mobile Apps | Bitwarden Help Center)

And in general, I think you would have to disable Chrome’s password manager, so that Bitwarden (either the mobile app or the browser extension) can do it’s job. (Disable a Browser's Built-in Password Manager | Bitwarden Help Center → though this help site is for the desktop variants, I think… I don’t know, how the process would be for Chrome on an iPad/iOS…)

PS: And maybe the iOS password manager / iCloud KeyChain must be disabled (or restricted) so that Bitwarden can take over.

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Hi Nail1684 and thank you.

I think it prolly is the same on iPad as it is on iPhone. I’ve got the BW app on my iPad, and I’ll go and read more about it via that link you’ve provided.

I have actually tried to disable the Google password manager both on my iPad and on my Windows PC, but irritatingly it still keeps making suggestions.

Can I just ask this? It sounds like you use BW on your iPhone. Do you find that it will autofill passwords for you? I know I’m just learning how it works, but as far as I can tell what I need to do when logging into a page on my iPad is to go to the ‘share’ icon near the top of the browser, drop down to Bitwarden near the bottom, choose the relevant entry, copy the password and paste it in. I can do that, of course, but I have selected Autofill in the app’s Settings and I was hoping it might do that stuff for me. What’s your experience? Thanks again for helping me.

@Peewiglet Glad I maybe could help a bit. But Sorry, I don’t use any Apple products.

The best I can provide may be this link: - at 12:54 he shows general info to the iOS app (and Andoird app - but to your advantage, he shows the iOS app) and I think how to configure auto-fill. (but general note: I can not vouch for the whole content of the video - I personally like to see those kind of things on videos - but as always, not everything must be exact or “true” or “good” there… and the video of my link is about two years old - maybe design or function has changed since then)

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Even having no personal experience with the iOS app, I can answer that auto-filling is possible using the mobile app. This section from the Help Center may be a good place to start: