Is it a bad practice to have Bitwarden remember my Bitwarden login information?

We have a Bitwarden server setup to manage our internal IT private information. What is the best practice for using the browser plugin to remember my login information to Bitwarden?

I know I will have to login to the Bitwarden plugin each time I restart my browser, but is there a security risk for using the Bitwarden plugin to remember my information to the Bitwarden server interface, ie. let it autocomplete my login? Any more risk for allowing Bitwarden to remember the admin account for Bitwarden?

I know I need to write the admin password down and put it in a locked safe ultimately, but is there risk in letting the Bitwarden plugin remember the information for day to day convenience? Or is it a best practice to not have it anywhere other than my head and a piece of paper in the safe?

Keeping your BW login inside your BW vault is kind of analogous to saving a key to a safe inside the safe. If you’re concerned that someone may get access to your BW vault via the browser extension, than I would argue that if that is the case, he already has access to your vault.

If I remember correctly, 1Password saves your login automatically when you sign up for a new account. So I guess you should be fine.


You’re right. :slight_smile: