Is Emergency Access suppose to email you constantly?

I’m testing emergency access to see how it works. Yesterday I set it up with a 1 day delay and today it went off.

When it was granted due to the time being reached I got 8 emails all at once letting me know I’ve been approved, this went to the grantor and grantee. Are those 8 emails meant to be spread out over time?

Did you get 8 total, 4 to the grantor, 4 to grantee? Or 8 to each? Were they all the same content?

The grantee got 8 of these messages “User has approved your emergency request. You may now login on the web vault and access their account.”

The grantor got 8 of these messages “User has been granted emergency request to View your account. You may login on the web vault and manually revoke the request.”

Both messages were delivered at the same time.

I swapped “User” with the actual real names.

Do you by any chance have your email forwarded to you through some other mailbox that is full? I’ve had some really weird cases of getting some emails multiple times, because I had my mail forwarded, but the actual mailbox was full. So I did receive the forwarded email, but the full mailbox responded to the sender that it was full / couldn’t receive the email and so the sender sent it again.

Might be a bit far fetched, but worth checking out.

No forwarding. The grantee is Gmail and the grantor is Yahoo. Both inboxes are not full.

I tried the same test and got the same 8 emails at the same time for both grantor and grantee.

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Very strange! Self hosted or cloud? I have done this a few times and only received 2 emails.

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I ran the test again but with 2 days instead of 1 and when the time expired I got 4 emails all at once this time to both the grantee and grantor.

I’m using the regular cloud option at Bitwarden Web Vault

Are the emails suppose to be spread out, it seems odd to get 4 or 8 emails all at once?

I don’t know if this affects anything but the Grantor was using Microsoft Edge (chrome version) on Windows 10.

The grantee was using Chrome on Windows 10. Both on the same PC.

I bring this up because I just swapped them, the Grantor is now using Chrome and the Grantee is now using Edge, and approved the access manually and only got one email.

I’m starting again with the browsers swapped and will wait the full 1 day to see how many emails I get once it auto approves.


A follow up from this test yesterday as the time has expired.

The Grantee got 7 emails of “has approved your emergency request. You may now login on the web vault and access their account.”.

The Grantor got this:

That is 11 emails all at once. 6 of them are the Emergency Access Granted and the rest are the Pending.

This doesn’t seem right.

Hey folks - we’re addressing this, it’s due to the services that run the Emergency Access jobs grabbing the same task (and performing it) simultaneously.

Thanks for the feedback!