Is Authy supposed to pop up in android?

Coming from lastpass, I’m testing bitwarden and so far I like it.
I’m stuck trying to figure out the 2FA set up. I use firefox, brave and android.
I setup 2FA with BW using authy and the lastpass authenticator.
I’m very confused on how this is “supposed” to work.
It seems I’m still getting asked for the master password every time I want to login. Then it says type the code from authy. But on the android phone, there is no popup from authy to indicate a request had come in, I have to do start authy and then type the code into bw. on android that does involve switching windwos between bw and authy.

The reason I’m suspecting that I did something wrong is because when I use lastpass, a popup come up in android to ask if this is me and I “approve” it and lastpass would log in, I didn’t have to type the code

Just wondering if this is how it’s supposed to work.

Hey @reapur you can also enable biometrics to unlock your device instead of logging out, and you can customize your vault timeout settings here:

Thanks dwbit, I’ve been reading up and experimenting.
Wondering if you have insight on this point, I don’t mind paying for the premium version once I get the hang of this if it provides what I’m looking for. I’m wondering if there is an option somewhere to ask bitwarden to prompt for biometrics or pin before it offers the passwords for any website or app in android.
the use case for this is my paranoia that while my phone is in my pocket (android smart lock will keep it unlocked) that if were to be lifted or slide out, someone could potentially log into my banking app without having to provide any credentials.
I did discover that I can go into each password entry, and enable the “master passowrd” re-prompt. I don’t really want to type that password on the mobile keyboards, it’s a pain. can I somehow use biometrics or pin, I can’t find the global option to force the reprompt on all sites. Thanks

Thanks for the additional detail @reapur, the team is looking at adding biometrics to this feature :+1: