iPhone vs Android autofill

I’m a regular use of Bitwarden on my iPhone and on Windows PC’s and it works great. I also have a Samsung tablet (on Android 10) and it’s really frustrating to use in terms the autofill function - in that it doesn’t seem to (hit and miss) prompt to autofill for install apps where authentication is required.

My question is, is this an Android thing or because my Android is on an older version?

Reason I’m also asking is because I’m thinking of switching from an iPhone to a modern Android smartphone and if is this bad I won’t switch!


I am an Android user, but infrequently use autofill. Because of that, when it doesn’t work (like in the 2FAS app), I just mindlessly copy and paste as I haven’t seen a greener pasture. Anyway, the complaints about BW mobile app’s autofill are somewhat common.

I want to suggest a setting that you can try if you haven’t already. Maybe it would improve the situation for you, but maybe it wouldn’t. Just turn all the autofill options on including accessibility and draw-over. The Inline autofill is brand new feature; maybe try toggling that too if it doesn’t work on your favorite apps.

I have similar devices and a similar experience (Fire HD8; FireOS – based on Android 9.0). I too feel like my android tablet is the worst of the lot. This reddit link causes me to believe “it’s not just me”.

One gotcha is that Android and iPhone apps use different matching URLs, so switching platforms does require app vault entries to be tweaked, which may be a surprise for readers not already on both platforms.

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