iPhone app refuses to work

This works great on my home computer, but trying to get it to work on my iPhone is frustrating and, so far, impossible. I end up having to go back and forth between the app and wherever I am logging into and copy and paste. Despite the toolbar popping up at the bottom, and showing me the relevant details, if I tap it, nothing happens and no forms are filled. If I have multiple logins for a page, it won’t allow me to choose a different one from the one it shows. Which doesn’t matter anyway because, as said, it won’t even fill that one in.
This has been going on over multiple updates in both the app and iOS, so I can’t believe other people are having this issue. Any tips on resolving it for me?

I would start by double-checking that you have enabled auto-fill passwords in your iOS settings and that you have selected Bitwarden as the default method. Hard to be sure, but it sounds like your iOS security settings aren’t quite right.

Yup, that’s what I’ve got.

OK, great. Now if you deselect Bitwarden and allow filling from Keychain instead, does it work? That should isolate whether it is the Bitwarden app misbehaving or iOS.

Just spent the last ten minutes trying to figure out how to set up Keychain. lol But I got it, and it filled in the password perfectly.

If that’s the case, then I suggest you contact Bitwarden support to see if they can help you troubleshoot the issue - that is definitely unexpected behaviour.

To be certain, I would probably recommend that OP first switch the iOS autofill setting back to Bitwarden (and deselecting Keychain), to see if the problem still exists. Perhaps in the process of getting Keychain set up to work, some problem got cleared…

Switched back to Bitwarden and turned off Keychain and it’s the same problem. As per the suggestion, I have contacted Support.

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