Iphone app Port in url not being used even with host setting in uri

I have been using bitwarden on my windows 10 computer with no problem. When I started using it on my iphone 12 pro… os 14.4.2 If I use host or even exact it will not offer to autofill with that port info so I have 6 logins on different ports on server i would get the same autofill for all the ports even though they have different entries and tried different uri options with no fix.
I would appreciate helping me fix this or if need a fix to the app. I am using app version 2.9.1
Thank you for your help,

Bitwarden commented in a related GitHub issue that the problem is on Apple/iOS side.

This would mean that Bitwarden can’t do anything until Apple decides to support it.

Quoted from GitHub issue:

This seems like an issue with iOS itself. We do not do any of the detection.

Link to issue:

I am not sure this is the same issue. that one linked to is talking about no detection occurring. What I am seeing along with the OP is that detection occurs but not with the port, I always get the wrong suggestion, the entry which corresponds to the default port 80 login. It might be Apple just don’t pass the port which might explain it.