iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s vault not loading

I’ve posted this on reddit already but this didnt go anywhere:

My self hosted (but also vault.bitwarden.com) doesn’t load the login screen properly.
I’m not talking about the app but the normal web page.

I see the logo and a spinning circle. Same on LAN or 4G (so no firewall issue). Seen on iPhone 5 and 5s (Safari, Chrome and Firefox).

It’s working on my phone (6s) but neither on my wife’s (5) nor my dad’s (5s). All phones are on the latest IOS, not sure about the exact version.

I wasn’t able to troubleshoot further, dev console on IOS is a bit tricky and i dont own a mac…
I know the app wont work with the iPhone 5, so I was hoping to use the website instead.

Any idea what’s causing this?

All working fine on my 6s…

iPhone5 and 5S are far behind on features for Safari and webkit.

iOS browser apps all basically use safari in the background because apple is weird like that. So rarely will you ever find a difference between working sites on iOS browser apps.

Well, I agree that using a different browser does not make a difference (but it was worth a try / to mention).

The question is: even if they are far behind, can we find out what is preventing the website from loading and maybe put a workaround in place to make it compatible with older phones that cannot run the app? With even the website not working you’re locking out all those people who dont have an up to date phone and I think that could be a few… Just saying…

Replying late here but I have the same issue on IPAD2 and trying to find a workaround. FYI, I have an iphone5s and I am able to install the BW client - no issues there.