iPad auto fill always requires master password

I am using the auto fill feature on iPad with iOS 13.4.1

Every time I use auto fill I have to enter my master password to unlock the vault, even when I have already unlocked the vault from the app. I have the app set to lock the vault after 1 hour.

On Android the auto fill feature works as I would expect. Once the vault is unlocked the master password is not required for auto fill until the vault is subsequently locked.

Have I missed something or is this the intended behaviour on iOS?

Thanks in advance

Hi Scott, I have recently installed Bitwarden on my Ipad and am having the exact same problem. Logic says that you should not have to enter your master password more than once. I’ve been tinkering with settings but cannot find anything that works. I expect the number of Ipad Bitwarden users is a fairly low percentage so there may not be much help out there. If anyone can help, we would be most grateful!

I have the same experience with both my iPhone and iPad. But don’t have any issues with it since I use Face ID and Touch ID.

What I’d expected is that the time out setting (mine is 15 minutes) is respected for auto fill too.

Exactly what Id expect…

As for FaceID vs TouchID: Im using FaceID to log to Vault on my iPhone 11 and it works great… compared to TouchID on my older iPad…

I confirm that I have exactly the same problem with autofill on my Ipad. It is an older type so no touch ID available. The annoying thing is that I seem to have to enter my master password (which is very long and complex) to enter both username and password and that the autofill function does not respect the timeout and enter pin number settings that I have set up in preferences. The only solution I have found is to copy and paste usernames and passwords. I presume that when this was coded programmer assumed that user would use touch/face ID. I would be grateful to hear if anyone has found a solution.

Same issue only on IPad IPhone works correctly. Cannot get it to work even if I call up the app by itself and sign in in the background. There does not seem to be a setting that would stop the web browser whether it is Chrome or Safari from asking for the Master Password every single time, or the PIN if you have that setup. Nothing works and no support from BitWarden likely means Ill be moving on.

I am also having this issue and it’s very frustrating. I have it set to never lock the vault but that does nothing.

I have to enter my master password, which is a long and difficult to type password for a reason, every single time! This is basically useless, and worse it threatens to lock me out of my vault on other devices if I end up misstyping at all.

BitWarden is useless on iOS? blegh

Hi @mcoz, thanks for the feedback. The team is aware of the issue but due to iPad specific limitations, there isn’t a current work around for iOS devices without biometric authentication.

@Ken_Eucker - you can setup a PIN or biometrics (e.g., FaceID, fingerprint) to lock Bitwarden so that you don’t have to always use your password to unlock it. That’s what most people do.

Also, the vault timeout options do work on iOS, but only for accessing the app directly. For auto-filling passwords, Bitwarden and other apps rely on iOS, which forces reauthentication each time a password is filled. There isn’t much Bitwarden can do until Apple changes their OS behaviour.

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Thanks for your reply and the further context. I’m new to iOS and I suppose that apple shares some of the blame here.

I still wish I didn’t have to add my fingerprint or face to an apple product just to have my password manager actually manage the entering of passwords for me.

You don’t. Just use a PIN. It is easy and secure. :+1: