iOS vault has empty/invalid entries and turns off face unlock

Is anyone else having iPhone Bitwarden issues like this? I am using the iOS app (Version: 2023.1.0 (2886)) and periodically see a folder structure and “empty” entries instead of the data to see, edit, or fill. refreshing the vault doesn’t seem to help (swipe down). closing the app and restarting it (throwing away the card and re-launching) doesn’t seem to help. Restarting the phone does however seem to bring back all the data. The web vault doesn’t have this issue for me, nor the chrome plugin.

I have also noticed that face unlock gets disabled in the app. The only thing I can think that’s interesting for my setup is that I have two accounts, and face recognition will get turned off for one but not the other.

If it happens again I will try to get a screen shot of the weird, invalid vault appearance.

I have the same version of the iOS app on iPhone and iPad and they both work fine for me.

Only comment I have is to confirm that you know that the “pull down to refresh” has to be configured in the settings?
Settings → Sync →

good point. yes I enabled that in both vaults. I switched to my second/volunteer vault just now and have the empty entries, trying to attach the screen grab. After this happened, my primary/personal vault is no longer using face login.

I don’t switch vaults like you are doing so that is a differentiator.
Do you only see this problem immediately after you switch vaults?

I do not always see it every time when switching between vaults, but that does seem like when it happens, I have just switched vaults.

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This may have been related to a degraded service we were experiencing earlier. This has since been resolved, so if you are still experiencing this issue, please reach out to our support team so we can investigate further.

thank you. It started happening to me perhaps 4-6 days ago. I just now upgraded my iPhone 13 to iOS 16.3 for grins, previously on 16.2 or so. I’ll reply if this happens again to the Bitwarden app.


I’m experiencing this same problem on iPhone 13 mini / iOS 16.3 / Bitwarden 2023.1.0 (2886). Entries created on iPhone can be seen on iPhone but are empty on web/desktop. Entries and Folders created on web/desktop are empty on iPhone. FaceID also turned off probably at this point.

Rebooting iPhone does not fix this issue, so currently I’m unable to use any of my passwords on mobile.

Ok, deleting all items created on iPhone (had to delete them also from Trash!), logging out from Bitwarden and logging back in brought my items back to be seen on the phone again. The item that probably caused this was created using iPhone around 2023-02-05T16:51:00Z if that matters.