iOS: "Stay logged in" vs. vault timeout options

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I’m confused about the “Stay logged in” in the Bitwarden iOS app: When I log into Bitwarden app I can activate the “Stay logged in” option during the second authentication step (2FA). If I leave this option deactivated, I expect to be logged out of Bitwarden after some time and expect to having re-login using both my password and my second factor.

However, after logging in, the options menu lets me decide what should happen upon timeout: either to lock the vault or to log out of Bitwarden. Even though I’ve chosen not to stay logged in during the login process, the default in the options is to lock the vault.

I find this confusing: What does the first option during the login process actually do? Is there a timeout separate from the options menu which only applies to logging out? How long will the session be valid?

Can someone please explain this to me?

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Hi @Frederik - the first ‘remember me’ prompt is to save your 2FA status, so you can log in without 2FA the next time on that particular device.

Thanks @tgreer, this makes sense!

I’m using the German version and there it says “Eingeloggt bleiben” which literally translates to “Stay logged-in” in English. So the German translation of this label is misleading. According to your remark it should probably read “Nicht mehr nach zweitem Faktor fragen” (= “Don’t ask again for second factor”).

To my understanding the label in question is {u:I18n RememberMe}. I’ll check if I can propose a different German label…

Ahh, makes sense :slight_smile:

We use Crowdin to manage the translations:

We’re always happy when folks improve them!

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I’ve just added my two cents…

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