IOS: save new account's credential automatically on iPhone

Hi, i use bitwarden on iPhone but it doesn’t ask to add the new login informations to the app vault.
This is very frustrating, since you have to open bitwarden app, fill manually all the data like Url, name, email and generate the password, and then copy the email and password (multiple steps required) and go back and forth trough the app and the bitwarden app to fullfill the form.

Is there any options combination to fix this?

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Hi @andreaclo - welcome to the Bitwarden community.

Only the browser extensions save logins automatically, but you can still do this “semi-automatically” in the iOS app.

When you reach a page where you are asked to create a login, just tap the empty password field on the page. The iOS keyboard will open, and you should see Passwords at the top. Click that to open Bitwarden, assuming you have it setup as your default for credential storage in iOS.

Bitwarden won’t find a matching login, since you have not set it up yet, so it will ask you if you want to create a new login. Tap the message to enter the create login screen. Add your username and desired password (or generate one) and any other info you want (e.g., notes), and then press save. Now the new login should appear. Tap it to auto-fill the form on the website, and you are done.

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What you’re saying happens to inside website in safari, not inside apps.
Plus, the ‘bitwarden vault’ it doesn’t appear everytime on apple’s keyboard like it happens with apple’s vault (which i’ve disabled).

I agree, that’s a feature that is missing. Would be really need if Bitwarden could get this feature any soon, but I’m hoping for that for a long time already :smiley: