iOS notifications stopped working but can still authenticate browser login

I authenticate my Windows 10 PC Brave browser extension login using my iPhone SE2 running iOS 17.5.1. When The PC sent a “login approval using device” request to the phone and I had the phone app open, I was getting a popup within the Bitwarden phone app that allowed me to directly approve the request, which worked great. That popup suddenly stopped working a few days ago and now I have to go into the security settings “pending login requests” to approve the request. Notifications are enabled for the app in the phone but I don’t get any iOS notifications. Nothing has changed except I don’t just don’t get the popup and have to manually go deeper into the Bitwarden app to make the approval, which is a bit of a drag. Anyone have any ideas on this one?

Hi Brian,

Can you tell me the version of the Bitwarden app you are using on your iOS device?
Can you confirm that you have granted the Bitwarden app permission to send you notifications?
Can you confirm you don’t have some sort of do-not-disturb mode enabled that would be suppressing notifications?

Bitwarden 2024.6.0 (7846). Phone app has “Allow Notifications” and “Background App Refresh” enabled. “Do Not Disturb” is turned off although I used to get the popup with the app already open on the phone. Now not at all.

Are you connected to a self-hosted instance or one of Bitwarden’s cloud instances?

Bitwarden Cloud

Phone is 2024.6.0. Bitwarden extension on browser is 2024.6.1

I removed and reinstalled the iOS Bitwarden app and that fixed the problem.