iOS native app beta feedback

So far I’m loving the iOS native app beta. I haven’t run into any issues so far, other than a small visual issue.

Right now the navigation tab icons at the bottom are very small. They don’t fit in with the size of Apple’s apps: Tab bars | Apple Developer Documentation

Apple’s Phone app:

And just one feature request… now that the app is native, it’d be really nice if we could get the “A-Z” scrolling feature like in the Contacts and Apple Music apps. It’d make it faster to get to the password we’re looking for, without having to search.

Thanks and keep up the great work!


I just noticed that the screenshot on the Bitwarden blog doesn’t have this issue. The navigation tab icons are the correct size: Bitwarden releases phased beta for native mobile apps | Bitwarden Blog

On my iPhone 15 with the beta, the navigation tab icons are much smaller:

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