iOS Folder Creation

I’m relatively new to Bitwarden and I use it a lot on iOS/iPadOS. I couldn’t find a way to create and manage folders on iOS/iPadOS. Is it possible and if so could someone point me in the right direction as to how I can do it?

I just checked on iOS and there doesn’t appear to be any way to manage it from the app.

You can log into your vault from Safari and do it there though. Then you can assign new items to the folder within the app, so you should only need Safari when you create a folder.

Thanks for double checking! Sounds like this needs to become a feature request :slight_smile:

To create a folder
Go to settings—> Folders—> Plus button
To add an item to a folder
Edit the item and choose a folder
To create nested folders


Thank you @vachan
It doesn’t seem to support creating sub-folders, right?
Nested folders allow you to create a folder inside a folder.
You can watch this crowdcast video to learn more about Nested Folders(Starts at 24:00)

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Pretty easy … I hope something more visual will also be implemented for those that need UI to remember how to do things.